A modern day production company that think like a client

We are an award winning collective of creators constantly delivering creative perfection across commercials, branded content, music videos, documentaries, TV and film.

Common People Films bridge the necessary gap between a production company and content agency. We know ROI is everything and also understand long term brand strategy is key while maintaining high-end and well executed creative. Content is one of the most powerful tools to achieve this. Whether it be for a brand or artist we always ensure we’re part of a solution, not a problem. This is our world.


Our roster & network of new and established directors continues to grow as we pride ourselves on strong relationships and a very simple work ethic; make the best work possible and enjoy every step of the process to the fullest. No matter how big we grow, we'll continue to be nimble, put budget on screen and produce great work. 

The production landscape has changed; brands, agencies and labels require budgets to work harder and 'reach multiple platforms with multiple outputs’ while still maintaining a high level of production value and captivating creativity. We put all our energies into building a creative production company to impress and be proud of.

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As part of our responsibility as a modern day production company we pledge to be forward thinking toward sustainability on each shoot by following the tips and guidelines set out by



This includes; water coolers with biodegradable cups, zero plastic bottle policy, minimal to no paper printing, mainly if not wholly vegan or vegetarian menus.


If we all make an effort we can all make our incredible industry even better....