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We started Common People Films, also known as, CMN PPL FLMS in early 2018.


The vision

To grow a home where creativity spawns creativity and to only work with nice, good people. This mindset has attracted and inspired great people to join us on our journey.

Great talent is key to everything we do and creativity is at the very heart of it.


The years have been kind in some ways and tough in other ways but we continue to strive for the best and nothing will change that.


Come and join the ride.



AdGreen TRAINED 2021_edited.png

As part of our responsibility as a modern day production company we pledge to be forward thinking toward sustainability on each shoot by following the tips and guidelines set out by



This includes; water coolers with biodegradable cups, zero plastic bottle policy, minimal to no paper printing, mainly if not wholly vegan or vegetarian menus.


If we all make an effort we can all make our incredible industry even better....

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