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We are appalled by the horrific actions of Putin's war against our European friends in Ukraine. Everyone at CMN PPL FLMS is devastated over the destruction of such a beautiful country and the pointless and needless death of men, women and children.

We will be donating to charities to support the people of Ukraine and will do all we can to support the Ukrainian nation moving forward. Please check out the APA fund below to support Ukrainian prod co’s and crews.


You can help here:

If you want to be part of that effort, you can make payments to:




Mark the payment “Ukraine”

We look forward to the day we can all visit this beautiful country again to help rebuild it.


Finally, the strength and bravery of Vladimir Zelenskyy, his army, his volunteers and the entire nation of Ukraine is a lesson to us all.

#standwithukraine #bezelenskyy


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