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The Heartbreaker

He owns more than 20 sparkly suits, two guitars and a black wig sprouting oversized sideburns. Meet MELVIS Kwok. 'MELVIS the ELVIS', as he is better known is Hong Kong’s most FAMOUS and LOVED Elvis impersonator. He is the 'KING of KONG'.

For the past 30 YEARS, Melvis has been SWIVELLING HIS HIPS in Hong Kong’s biggest nightspots, where he plays for tips dressed as his HERO. AGE IS NO BARRIER to Melvis - he still performs seven nights a week. However, there’s more to Melvis than meets the eye. His love of Elvis has cost him friends, jobs, money and relationships. His only friend is his guitar and like many true performers, the loneliness of his daily life is only broken when he steps into character and walks out into his skyscraper filled, neon-lit stage for another wandering performance.

The Heartbreaker is the story of an ordinary man who lived out his passion… every day of his life... right until the end.


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